Round-up of May’s Reads!

Technically May hasn’t finished yet, but I’ve already read SO MANY good books this month that I couldn’t narrow it down to five. So, here are my top 6 reads for May!

Thick as Thieves: An Aster Valley novel by Lucy Lennox

Ok so this one has been on my tbr list for a while and I am now KICKING myself for waiting so long to read it!

I’m an utter sucker for a story about a guy who’s been in love with his ‘straight’ oblivious best friend forever, so I was immediately pulled into Julian and Parker’s story. Starting in childhood, Lucy immediately sets up their closeness and unique relationship. The dual POV was perfect at showing the different journey’s the characters were embarking on and the yearning…oh how I loved the yearning.

 I devoured this book in a single sitting – it made me laugh, it made me cry, and I’m going to read it again…likely in the next few days. I loved seeing the side characters from different series popping in and meeting several new ones who I’m hoping to see in future books!

Don’t be a moron like me and let this book slip you by – go and read it now!

Boyfriend Goals by Riley Hart

If a book has a neurodivergent character, it’s an automatic one click for me. I’ve read some that don’t feel authentic, and others that really capture what it’s like to have a brain that works differently. Boyfriend Goals falls into the latter category and, not only that, but Riley has also created a character who is unapologetically himself. Too often, the character who is neurodivergent apologises for who they are repeatedly – trying to mould themselves into what society expects of them. Here though, Milo does not do that, and I could not love him more for that. Gideon’s love for Milo shines throughout, creating a super sweet story that I couldn’t get enough of.

Sem – Unexpected book 2 by Cora Rose

What can I say about Sem?

Obsessive stalker – check

Possessive alpha with a heart of gold – check

Fiery love interest who has no issue standing up for himself – check

What does this all add up to, I hear you ask?

One helluva fun and spicy ride.

I cannot, I repeat, cannot, tell you how much I enjoyed this book. Fuck – Sem and Maggie are EVERYTHING! The way Sem just wants the absolute best for Maggie; even if it means it’s not him, had me clutching at my chest. Their love for one another, and the way they fought for each other…wow. There was the perfect amount of angst thrown in which was balanced with a healthy dose of banter and humour. I’m already looking forward to the next instalment!!

Unconventional Hearts – Plum Valley Cowboys book 3 by Emmy Sanders

This was another fantastic instalment in the Plum Valley series. What is it about these cowboys that just hits me in the feels?

I absolutely loved the dynamic between Cooper, Tru and Will. The three of them were wonderful together and seeing their relationship grow across the novel was beautiful. I especially loved how Tru was portrayed – often asexual people are shown as not wanting a relationship which isn’t the case for so many. I love that the author didn’t take this route – it was such an authentic portrayal and worked really well in the book.

It was such a fun read too – so much happiness and tenderness shown throughout. This will definitely be a reread for me!

Irresponsible Puckboy – Puckboys book 2 by Eden Finley and Saxon James As I said earlier – I’m a SUCKER for the ‘friends to lovers’ trope – especially when everyone else around them can see how perfect they would be together. I loved Egotistical Puckboy and was so excited to read Tripp and Dex’s story. I’m a huge fan of both Eden Finley and Saxon James and, once again, this instalment from them did not disappoint. Full of lots of love, spice, laughter, and interfering friends, I flew through this with a smile on my face the whole time. The ‘fake marriage’ trope worked perfectly for this story. Gah – Dex is such a sweetheart and I was so happy to see him and Tripp get the happy ending they deserved.

Unwanted by Marley Valentine

Marley Valentine is an author I turn to when I want a good cry. When I want to feel like someone has sucker punched me in the solar plex and then patched up my heart afterwards. When I want to experience all the agony of falling in love in complicated circumstances. Even though they tend to be on the heavier side in terms of angst, the characters, and situations she creates provide a light and gentle foil that make the whole experience one you will want to repeat over and over again.

 If you haven’t read any of her books, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOURSELF? They are all amazing, but Ache holds a special place in my heart.

As soon as I saw Marley had a new release coming, I marked the date in my diary, knowing I would need to read it the day it came out. I was thrilled to learn that, not only was ‘Unwanted’ focused on a character we had met in a previous novel, but that two of those characters also made occasional appearances. I loved Frankie in ‘Ache’ so I was very intrigued to learn more about him.

The relationship between Frankie and Arlo is mired in a long history that, at times, seems insurmountable. What shines through is their love for one another – and that, in spite of everything, is enough. Seeing these two characters finally open up and trust each other again is heart-achingly beautiful. As always, Marley has fleshed out the story with other characters who I cannot wait to see get their happy ending in future books.

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