Content Warnings

Please note that these warnings may contain spoilers.

The Reckless Damned Series

Devil’s Mark – PTSD, on page anxiety attacks, domestic abuse in a past relationship, confrontation with abuser, descriptions of violence.

Devil May Care – internalised body dysmorphia, on page character death, grief, depictions of anxiety and PTSD related to a side character, descriptions of violence.

Deal With the Devil – grief, loss of loved one, references to off page domestic abuse and anxiety attacks. Includes references to torture and murder. One scene of homophobia, including the use of a homophobic slur.

Luck of the Devil – violence and injury detail, illness, anxiety attacks and references to domestic abuse relating to a side character. References to a child growing up in foster care. Off page death of a side character involving drugs. References to drug distribution.

Caffeine Daydreams

White Noise – references to death by suicide (off page and pre-story starting). On page references to mental illness and anxiety attacks.